New Summer Art Class Format
Winfield, KS
06/08/2020 03:08 PM

Just as the ARTS can come in different forms, the Winfield Arts & Humanities Council summer art classes will be presented in a different creative way this year. Students will still have the opportunity to create and explore with imagination, curiosity, and excitement. However, with this summer’s new virtual classrooms, instruction will be more individualized and self-paced. There will also be a new theme each week, the themes are: Celebrations!, Nature, Outer Space, Animals, Famous Artists, Traveling Along, Upcycle Art and Stories and Art. Several classes have been selected for each theme, each class has different things to make. Supply packets will be provided the first day of each class. Included in these packets will be supplies needed, detailed instructions for each project, and a video link of teacher demonstrations. Teachers may also be available for personalized video calls or e-mailed for more instruction. For best results, we recommend using our Google Classroom format. There are also several classes included that do not coincide with the themes, check those out as well!

 But don’t forget “Popcorn Friday”! 
Students are invited to come to the WAHC art center on Friday’s to show their completed project, and pick-up their free bag of Friday Popcorn!  Join Martha, Becky, Kylee, Fiona, Debbie, Madison, Lena, and Meagan for some fun-filled projects!

We are excited to be providing  families with activities and projects, but we need your help.  In addition to the art supplies WAHC provides, here are a few more materials we could use:

Pom poms
Pipe Cleaners
Card Stock (white and all colors)
Poster Board
Sidewalk Chalk
Meat Trays
Styrofoam Balls
Old CD's
Shower Curtain Rings
Pool Noodles
Small Jars
Shoe Boxes
Colored Feathers
Tissue Paper
Milk, Cream or Half & Half Cartons
Small Tins
Rubber Bands
Safety Pins
Play Dough
Small Embroidery Hoops
Ceramic Tiles (broken or whole)
Sponges (clean)
Paper Bags (need lot's of these)

We appreciate everyone's support and GREATLY appreciate
ANYTHING donated that we can make into ART!

Cheri Kindt-Gonzales
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