Your Cowley County Youth Career Impacts
Winfield, KS
06/08/2020 02:28 PM
Cowley First worked with the local secondary and post-secondary schools on their Perkins Community Need Planning earlier this year. Part of that discussion was brainstorming on how to get students thinking about their careers and exploration opportunities available within the community. We created Career Expo and have encouraged work ethic to inspire students; however, what if we took this one step further?

Having students graduate with the necessary skills and experiences to join the workforce in any sector would be a great benefit to both the student and the community.  
We need your input to achieve this goal! What type of experiences can your business offer to students as they try to determine what career they are interested in?  
Aspiring to achieve this goal, we have created a survey. This survey has various questions on how we can move this goal forward.  
Experience examples - job shadow, internship, apprenticeship, etc.
Sector examples- business, finance, healthcare, customer service, marketing, manufacturing, retail, etc.
We appreciate getting your feedback! This will be helpful as we continue working with schools and student careers!
Ashlynn Showalter
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